2. Communication and Language (C+L)

Communication and Language (C+L) encourages conversations and spoken language skills. Underpinning all skills, it’s foundational for children to be able to interact with their peers and their learning environment. It’s split into the following distinct areas:

  • Listening, Attention and Understanding
  • Speaking

There’s a lot more to language development and communication than simply ‘talking’. It refers to the variety of ways that children take in information, and communicate information – only a part of this is used with spoken words.

Words and image association is one of the best forms of initiating language and communication development. This is why reading books to young children is a great way of bringing this out, since they’ll be able to make a connection with the pictures in the book, and the text you’re reading out.

It’s important for practitioners to upkeep the support in early years provisions surrounding C+L, as a part of the EYFS seven areas of learning. Lots of children are increasingly beginning school with underdeveloped communication and speech skills.