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Wraparound Care

Oakmere organises a variety of breakfast and after school clubs which reflect the interests of our pupils.

Wraparound Care Policy 2024

How to book your child into Wraparound Care via Arbor

Click here to register your child for Wraparound Care.

Breakfast club

This runs from 7:45 am to 8.45am:

Our aim is to provide the children a good healthy breakfast of cereals, toast, fruit, yoghurt, fruit juice and milk. Members of staff are on hand to make sure you can go to work relaxed with no worries regarding childcare, and knowing your children will have had a nutritious and enjoyable start to the school day. All KS1 and nursery children are escorted to their classrooms, whilst KS2 children line up with their classes on the KS2 playground.


£4 per session.

After School Club

These run from 3:15pm to 5:30pm:

Staff collect KS1 and EYFS children from their appropriate classrooms, and take them to the ASC room. KS2 children make their own way to the room, where a light tea of for example, sandwiches, toasties, fruit, yoghurt and drinks will be provided. Organised activities, arts and crafts, construction, board games, competitions and free play will be available. Parents can relax in the knowledge that their children are safe and cared for in surroundings they know.


£7 per session.  Late pick up fee of £10 per child if they are picked up late.

We try to keep the costs as low as possible and when compared with schools across the town, they are incredibly competitive but we have to be able to cover our costs for staffing, food and activity resources, so prices may be subject to change and will be reviewed termly.

The way to pay is through the on-line Arbor Payment system. You can keep track of your account and top up from the comfort of your own home.  Sadly if you are in debt then we cannot offer your child a place at our Wraparound clubs.

If a parent collects the child late from after school club. There will be an additional charge of £10 (this is to pay for the staff’s over time). If a child is continuously picked up late the Headteacher will have to decide whether the parent can continue to use the ASC facility.

Late pick up

If you are going to be late, please contact the office before 4.30pm.  If you need to call outside of office hours, please ring 07874 935395.  Please do NOT leave a message or send a text. Please  speak to a member of the ASC team to ensure the message has been received.

The phone is only switched on between 3.20pm and 6pm.  If you ring outside this time, or for any other reason, it will not be answered.