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Aims & Values

Our Aims and Ambitions for the Future

Encouragement, support and motivation are the key ingredients in the success of Oakmere Primary School. Our team of inspiring and creative teachers go that extra mile to feed children’s appetite for learning.

Their dedication and hard work ensures that each and every child is encouraged to aim high and be the best that they possibly can be.

Four reasons why your child will thrive at Oakmere Primary School:

  • Each and every member of staff is an integral and important team player. From the school’s governors to our skilled teaching assistants, everyone at Oakmere School works together to create a positive and
    supportive environment.
  • Children are actively encouraged to push their own boundaries and take risks. Our children are encouraged to see life’s up and downs as opportunities from which to learn.
  • At the heart of Oakmere School is the ethos that children and adults are resilient, resourceful and responsible. We advocate positive self-esteem and the disposition to believe that they can achieve.
  • Everyone in the school community feels a responsibility towards providing the best possible education for our children through their own development and learning.

Our Core Values

A core value is a central belief clearly understood and shared by every member of the school community. We believe in teamwork, respect, kindness, responsibility, resilience and ambition:


Achieving great things together.


Is understanding that people have different beliefs, feelings and needs.


Is striving to spread positivity through your words and actions:


Is taking ownership of your own actions.


Is not giving up and “keep going”.


Is your desire to aim higher.

Oakmere Primary School Values Poster: