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School Meals

A Healthy Body Equals a Healthy Mind …

School meals have attracted much publicity in recent years. High profile campaigns like Jamie Oliver’s ‘School Dinner Revolution’ have shown that children who eat better, do better!  School meals offer great value for money as well as being tasty, healthy and nutritious. They have the essential vitamins and minerals your child needs to help them grow, develop, fight infection and have the energy to lead a happy and healthy life.

A healthy, nutritious meal is beneficial for children’s physical well-being and improves concentration levels, behaviour and performance in the classroom.

Boasting a well-equipped kitchen and a team of talented catering staff, all our lunches are cooked on the premises and are delicious and nutritious. From winter warmers and summer salads to pleasing puds, our school meals provide essential ‘school fuel’ needed for good energy levels in afternoon lessons.

Our school meals are provided by Herts Catering Ltd (HCL). Please visit their website to view the current menu:

Menu on the HCL website

The cost of a school meal for the current school year (2023-2024) is £3.20 a day.  Parents are able to book and pay for thier child’s lunches via School Grid. Details on how to do this are available from the office.

Packed Lunches

Parents are more than welcome to send their child to school with a healthy packed lunch, but please do not include any glass bottles or glass containers.

No food containing nuts or sesame seeds is allowed due to the high number of allergies within the school.

Special Dietary Requirements

If your child has special dietary requirements due to food allergy, intolerance or cultural/religious preference, please register these special requirements on the HCL website:

HCL – Allergy Overview